Wine Cellar Doors Maitre de Cave Marsala


Our Maitre de cave hand-made Marsala iron cellar door is designed to seal tight against the elements and enhance your wine room’s appeal.

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This iron cellar door model Marsala by Maitre de cave is our home brand and best suited to wine cellars of high-end residences or great restaurants. In addition, it is easy to install and available in alder wood or mahogany.

Our doors are engineered using the LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) technology, which is an advanced method of building quality door stiles to reduce warping and shrinking. In this process, the multiple layers of thin wood are connected using adhesives.

Specifications and dimensions, Marsala Iron Cellar Door by Maître de Cave:

  • Heights of 80, 84 or 96 inches: (2.03, 2.13 or 2.44m)
  • Width of 30, 32 or 36 inches (76, 81.3 or 91.45cm)
  • Thickness: 1 3/4 inch (2.54cm)
  • Mortise and tenon Construction
  • Pre-assembled with hinges (easy to install)
  • Dimension montants: Up to 6 5/8 inch (15.24cm)
  • Framing: Included
  • Falling threshold (automatic door bottom): Included
  • Glass: Dual Pane Glass
  • Commercial grade hinges
  • Iron: Hand-forged
  • Interior and exterior case moldings
  • Shipping in a sturdy wooden box.

Made of alder or mahogany and compatible with the climatic conditions of a wine cellar. The cellar door and wine cellar Maitre de cave is perfect for sophisticated wine spaces in prestigious residences. Available in 2 wood species and 10 different shades. Varnished by default, this door is perfect to resist moisture and mold in domestic cellars for many years.

Easy to install and pre-assembled in its frame, the door attaches directly to the floor and attaches to the wall. Hardware for wall mounting is not included.

  • MAIN FEATURES: 5 year warranty.

Here you have the choice between 3 heights (80 inches, 7 or 8 feet) (2.03, 2.13 or 2.44m), 2 wood species and 10 color choices (we will come back to you to confirm the color after receiving your order).

Do not hesitate to contact us for doors of dimensions or colors made to measure. Moreover, if you are looking for an exclusive look, on some orders it is possible to ask for finishes of personalized shades to adapt to your decor.

Additional information

Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 200 × 31 × 46 cm

Alder, Mahogany


7 feet (2.13m), 8 feet (2.4m), 80 inches (2.03m)


30 inches (76cm), 32 inches (81.3cm), 36 inches (91.45cm)

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