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Evolution Post 3m Wine Rack post Kit width variable (18-162 bottles)


The Evolution Wine Wall Post 3m Kit stores up to 162 wine bottles on its label-forward wine racks, single-sided, creating an industrial chic architectural feature in custom commercial and residential wine rooms. You can choose the number of bottles of depth and width.


Starting at just 76mm in total depth, the Evolution wine rack post 3m Wine Rack Kit offers the most slim way imaginable to store wine bottles, label forward. And this floating wine rack kit mounts to the floor and ceiling and can hold up to 162 bottles of wine in stunning, minimalist fashion. 

This floating wine rack kit comes with everything you need to assemble a floor-to-ceiling column wine rack using our ground-breaking, label-forward Evolution Wine Wall system.

Off-the-wall mounting provides a versatile design enhancement to build room dividers, install wine racks against glass, and help install racking in front of high-end tile or other materials that make wall mounting difficult.

The Evolution Wine Wall Post 3m Kit includes a two-piece steel Post, cut to fit ceiling height on site, and 19cm of wine racking to assemble to both sides of the Post, offered in choice of bottle depth and wine bottle rod finishes.

Width variable Wine Wall Post 3m’ Wine Rack Kit Specifics:

  • KIT INCLUDES: Two (2) Evolution Wine Wall 3m Posts* (cut to fit ceiling height on site), thirty-six (36) Vino Rails Plates (choice of depth), and 36, 72, or 108 Evolution Wine Rods (choice of width). All assembly hardware included except for mounting into floor or ceiling.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & SLEEK FINISH: Built with high-quality steel, and offered in matte black Post and supports with choice of matte black, chrome or golden bronze bottle rods. Order a la carte for non-standard finish options. 
  • KEY FEATURES: Backed by a lifetime warranty, this modern wine storage option is easy-to-install on any wall in your home. Hardware for drywall and wood-backed wall installs included.
  • MOVING WINE STORAGE FORWARD: On this site, we always have the preferred wine racks for design professionals and design-focused DIYers.
  • DESIGN EXPERTISE: Let us help you layout your wine display including the right mix of Evolution Wine Wall Posts and accessories with complimentary CAD design.


Model Capacity Width Height* Depth
1-1C 18 bottles 40.6cm up to 3.1m 7.6cm
2-1C 36 bottles 40.6cm up to 3.1m 20.8cm
3-1C 54 bottles 40.6cm up to 3.1m 33cm
1-2C 36 bottles 73.6cm up to 3.1m 7.6cm
2-2C 72 bottles 73.6cm up to 3.1m 20.8cm
3-2C 108 bottles 73.6cm up to 3.1m 33cm
1-3C 54 bottles 104cm up to 3.1m 7.6cm
2-3C 108 bottles 104cm up to 3.1m 20.8cm
3-3C 162 bottles 104cm up to 3.1m 33cm


* Posts are cut to fit on site. Mounting Bases can telescope up to 5v, from Post for total height of 3.1m. If your Post features welded Mounting Bases, height is capped at 3.05m.

For different finish configurations or bottle capacities, the Low Profile Wine Wall Post 3m can be customized by ordering each piece individually. You’ll need:

  • 2 x Wine Wall Post 3m
  • Vino Rails Post Plates (standard bottle size, choice of single, double, triple width)
    • Order 1 pair per row desired (can be set at vertical intervals of 12.7cm or greater)
  • Evolution Wine Rods
    • Multiple number of Plates x bottle width

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

Matte Black Frames/Matte Black Rods, Matte Black Frames/Chrome Rods, Matte Black Frames/Golden Bronze Rods

Bottle Depth

Single, Double, Triple

Bottle Width

Single, Double, Triple


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