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W4 Series 122cm Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack (12-36 bottles)


For a case of wine or more, the largest W Series wine rack maximizes storage capacity with a contemporary, label-forward flair.


The W4 Series is a 12-bottle tall, wall mounted metal or Stainless wine rack that opens any wall to modern, label-forward design. 1.22m tall and available in three bottle depths, our metal wine rack is perfect for collectors who have ample space and plenty of wine bottles to show off. Our W Series wall mounted wine racks are stackable (using supplied couplers) and may be cut, allowing multiple configurations for any wine room project.

The choice of top wine cellar builders and design professionals, the W Series is great for both residential and commercial applications.

W4 Series wall mounted wine rack Details:

    • WS41: 1.22m x 33cm x 13.3cm, holds 12 750ml wine bottles
    • WS42: 1.22m x 33cm x 21.6cm, holds 24 750ml wine bottles
    • WS43: 1.22m x 33cm x 30.5cm, holds 36 750ml wine bottles
  • STYLISH, CONTEMPORARY WINE STORAGE: The perfect intersection of size and storage, this metal wine rack showcases a range of height and bottle depths in a modern fashion and can be stacked to reach any commercial or residential collection requirements. Available in stainless wine rack or painted metal.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & SLEEK FINISH: Built with high-quality steel, and offered in matte black, brushed nickel, chrome luxe, gunmetal luxe or golden bronze luxe.
  • KEY FEATURES: Backed by a lifetime warranty, this modern wine storage option is easy-to-install with the BILT 3D interactive app on any wall in your home. Hardware for drywall and wood-backed wall installs included.
  • MOVING WINE STORAGE FORWARD: We are selling the preferred wine racks for design professionals and design-focused DIYers.
  • DESIGN EXPERTISE: Let us help layout your wine cellar with complimentary design services for W Series wine racks or any of the other wine racking collections.
  • FAST SHIPPING: Most W Series wine racks are in stock and ready to be shipped quickly.

Add Wine Bottle Retention Straps

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Golden Bronze Luxe, Gunmetal Luxe, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome Luxe

Bottle Capacity/Depth

12 Bottles/Single Deep, 24 Bottles/Double Deep, 36 Bottles/Triple Deep


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